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Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sex & Food - Vinyl

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sex & Food - Vinyl

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Vinyl LP pressing. Where are we headed? What are we consuming, how is it affecting us, and why does everything feel so bad and weird sometimes? These are some of the questions posed on Ruban Nielson's fourth album as Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Sex & Food - a delightfully shapeshifting album that filters these real-deal serious themes through a vibrant sonic lens that spans battered drum-machine funk, doomy and thrashing rock, and pink-hued psychedelic disco. Recorded in a variety of locales from Seoul and Hanoi to Reykjavik, Mexico City, and Auckland, Sex & Food is a practical musical travelogue, with local musicians from the countries that Nielson and his band visited pitching in throughout.


  • - Disc 1 -
  • 1 A God Called Hubris
  • 2 Major League Chemicals
  • 3 Ministry of Alienation
  • 4 Hunnybee
  • 5 Chronos Feasts on His Children
  • 6 American Guilt
  • 7 The Internet of Love (That Way)
  • - Disc 2 -
  • 1 Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays
  • 2 This Doomsday
  • 3 How Many Zeros
  • 4 Not in Love We're Just High
  • 5 If You're Going to Break Yourself
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