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Thee Headcoatess - Here Comes Cessation - Vinyl

Thee Headcoatess - Here Comes Cessation - Vinyl

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2008 reissue of this album from the all-girl garage band, one of the many projects created by the eccentric musical genius Billy Childish. Four feisty girls from the Medway towns, Kyra Rubella, Holly Golightly, Ludella Black and Bongo Debbie started life as mates of Childish's Thee Headcoats. Whenever Thee Headcoats played Thee Headcoatees also did a set, and at one time, it seemed like they were more popular that the boys! Originally released in 1997, Here Comes Cessation contains 12 instant classics including 'You Say That You Love Me', 'All Night Long' and 'An Image of You'. Damaged Goods.


  • 1 You Say That You Love Me
  • 2 All Night Long
  • 3 Hurt Me
  • 4 An Image of You
  • 5 Help Out
  • 6 Road Runner - Thee Headcoatees, McDaniel, Ellas
  • 7 Here Comes Cessation
  • 8 Is There Any Chance of You Coming Into My Life?
  • 9 You're Gonna Get What's Coming
  • 10 True to You
  • 11 Keep Your Big Mouth Shut - Thee Headcoatees, McDaniel, Ellas
  • 12 I Want It
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