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The Format - Dog Problems - Milky Clear Vinyl

The Format - Dog Problems - Milky Clear Vinyl

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the second studio album to be recorded by American rock band The Format; the album was released on July 11, 2006, through the band's label The Vanity Label. Following the release of their debut studio album Interventions + Lullabies (2003), The Format were moved from Elektra Records to Atlantic Records, who were unable to promote them, causing the band to leave the label in late 2005. The Format recorded their next album Dog Problems with producer Steven McDonald in Los Angeles, California. Dog Problems is an indie pop, indie rock and power pop album that has been compared to the work of the Cars, Ben Folds and Jimmy Eat World.

Dog Problems received generally favorable reviews from critics, many of whom praised the band's musicianship and songwriting. Retrospective reviews concurred, noting comparisons to the work of Fun. The album peaked at number 84 on the United States Billboard 200 chart, selling 13,000 in its first week. In July 2006, "The Compromise" was released as the album's lead single, around which, the band went on a headlining US tour. Shows in the United Kingdom and the US with the All-American Rejects followed, and "Time Bomb" was released as the second single from the album in October 2006. "She Doesn't Get It" was released in March 2007 as the final single, which was later promoted with a three-month US tour.

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