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The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust (Reissue) (2 Lp's) - Vinyl

The Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust (Reissue) (2 Lp's) - Vinyl

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The Chemical Brothers: Tom Rowlands, Ed Simons.
Additional personnel: Tim Burgess, Beth Orton (vocals); Seggs (bass).
Engineers: Steve "Dub" Jones, Dan Zamani, Tim Holmes.
Principally recorded at Orinoco Studios and Da Da Studios, London, England between August and November 1994.
The Chemical Brothers were formerly known as the Dust Brothers. The name change seems particularly appropriate, as many observers viewing the disc's cover would be hard-pressed to perceive this as anything remotely electronic-based. Rave faves and flamboyant studio techies in their native England, the Brothers may be the '90s inheritors of Adrian Sherwood and his On-U Sound legacy.
EXIT PLANET DUST is a record concerned more with the urban jungle than space-time continuums, although there's no shortage of tripped-out effects, stereo panning, reverb, and a healthy amount of studio gimcrackery. Mobile fidelity is the nucleus here, so anyone expecting ambience need look elsewhere. With this record, one of the first to break so-called "electronica" mainstream and on Main Street, USA, The Brothers have assimilated so many dancefloor ideologies that their stance within the "big beat" genre should ultimately get them through the next musical revolution--and beyond. To many, this is the possible future of pop: Spock & roll, anyone?

  • Genre: Electronic
  • Format: Vinyl
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