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The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys - Surfin' Safari + 1 Bonus Track - Vinyl

The Beach Boys - Surfin' Safari + 1 Bonus Track - Vinyl

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Beach Boys: Carl Wilson, David Marks (vocals, guitar), Brian Wilson (vocals, keyboards, bass); Dennis Wilson (vocals, keyboards, drums); Mike Love (vocals).
SURFIN' SURFARI is the Beach Boys' first album, and while it's no MEET THE BEATLES, one recognizes the beginnings of that special California-bred sound: a focus on perfect group harmony backed by streamlined, understated surf music. Add to the mix the pervasive celebration of school's-out teenage hedonism and voila! Though composer Brian Wilson's powerful nostalgic lyricism hadn't surfaced yet, the earliest hits like near-primitive "Surfin" and the slicker "Surfari" mark a bright new chapter in American music.


  • 1 Surfin' Safari
  • 2 County Fair
  • 3 Ten Little Indians
  • 4 Chug-A-Lug
  • 5 Little Girl (You're My Miss America)
  • 6 Surfin'
  • 7 Heads You Win - Tails I Lose
  • 8 Summertime Blues
  • 9 Cuckoo Clock
  • 10 Moon Dawg
  • 11 The Shift
  • 12 Luau
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