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Tennis - POLLEN - Color Vinyl

Tennis - POLLEN - Color Vinyl

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Pollen - Tennis - "We wanted to write a big album," says Tennis' Alaina Moore. "Instead of choruses with universal themes, I wrote with a specificity that was new to me, narrowing in on the smallest details of our lives. It is about small things with big consequences: a particle, a moment, a choice. It is me in a fragile state; sometimes inhabited freely, sometimes reacted against. It is striving to remain in a moment without slipping into dread. It is about the way I can be undone by a very small thing." Standard:: Metallic Gold "Pollen Yellow

  • 1 Forbidden Doors
  • 2 Glorietta
  • 3 Let's Make a Mistake Tonight
  • 4 One Night with the Valet
  • 5 Pollen Song
  • 6 Hotel Valet
  • 7 Paper
  • 8 Gibraltar
  • 9 Never Been Wrong
  • 10 Pillow for a Cloud

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