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Sam Yahel - Jazz Side of the Moon - Vinyl

Sam Yahel - Jazz Side of the Moon - Vinyl

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Marking it's 50th Anniversary, Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon gets the jazz treatment, in this masterful musical retelling of this cult album. Jazz Side Of The Moon crafts a fresh new perspective to this timeless album whilst maintaining it's sonic essence and spirit, with great care and skill. The album features renowned jazz musicians Sam Yahel (Hammond B3 Organ), Ari Hoenig (Drums), Mike Moreno (Guitar), Seamus Blake (Tenor Sax) and was recorded in 2007 in the acoustic setting of St. Peter's Church in New York using Chesky's custom electronics, allowing for the purest and most natural sound recording possible, for an audiophile experience like no other. The extensive liner notes chronicle the sound recording process with exclusive behind-the-scenes insights. Relive the magic of "Money" and "Time" in a new and mesmerizing way. The album will be re-released on a limited edition 180g black with cosmic splatter vinyl LP worldwide on the 5th May 2023.

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