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Marcos Valle - Marcos Valle - Vinyl

Marcos Valle - Marcos Valle - Vinyl

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Vinyl LP pressing. It is with great joy that we present the Mr Bongo edition of Marcos Valle's 1983 self-titled masterpiece. A pure vintage that features the ultimate Brazilian-boogie cult-classic 'Estrelar' and iconic 80s cover art that sees a gloriously sun-drenched Marcos dressed in a pink v-neck t-shirt surrounded by a generous selection of deadly-looking neon cocktails. The album was produced by the legendary Lincoln Olivetti and Marcos' brother Paulo Sérgio Valle. It showcases a real who's who of Brazilian music at the time, with stellar performances from vocalists and musicians such as Rosana, Serginho Do Trombone, Robson Jorge and Oberdan Magalhães to name but a few. This was Marcos' second album, after having moved back to Brazil from his time living in Los Angeles, and that US influence is evident through it's prominent boogie, soul and funk sounds. It also features collaborations with the US singer-songwriter, composer, pianist, keyboardist, and record producer, Leon Ware, who co-penned three tracks including 'Estrelar'. To complete the album there are tracks such as 'Fogo Do Sol', which is pure AOR / Balaeric vibes, and tracks that are more MPB and pop-inspired, making a well-balanced track list for both home-listening pleasure and dancefloor business.

  • 1 Estrelar
  • 2 Fogo Do Sol
  • 3 Samba de Verao
  • 4 Para Os Filhos Abraao
  • 5 Naturalmente
  • 6 Tapa No Real
  • 7 Tapetes, Guardanapos, Cetins
  • 8 Dia D
  • 9 Mais Que Amor
  • 10 Viola Enluarada

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