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John Carpenter - Hollywood Story - Vinyl

John Carpenter - Hollywood Story - Vinyl

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A true Swiss Army knife, John Carpenter is an American director, producer and composer of the 40s. He is the composer of many notable horror and science fiction films ranging from Christine to Halloween. Considered the master of horror, Carpenter is recognized as one of the most influential directors and composers of his time.

  • 1 Escape from New York Main Theme from Escape from New York
  • 2 Halloween Main Theme from Halloween
  • 3 Halloween II Main Theme from Halloween II
  • 4 Haunted House from Halloween
  • 5 The Fog Main Theme from the Fog
  • 6 Bad to the Bone from Christine
  • 7 The Thing Main Theme from the Thing
  • 8 Prince of Darkness Main Theme from Prince of Darkness
  • 9 Assault on Precinct 13 Main Theme from Assault on Precinct 13
  • 10 Julies Theme from Assault on Precinct 13
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