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Iron & Wine - Light Verse - Clear Blue Vinyl

Iron & Wine - Light Verse - Clear Blue Vinyl

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Loser Edition on clear w/ blue swirl vinyl. Light Verse arrives April 26th, and it's Iron & Wine's seventh full-length overall and fifth for Sub Pop Records. Fashioned as an album that should be taken as a whole, it sounds lovingly handmade and self-assured as a secret handshake. Track by track, it's equal parts elegy, kaleidoscope, truth, and dare. Light Verse was recorded with engineer and mixer Dave Way at his studio Waystation high up in Laurel Canyon (with an additional session at Silent Zoo Studio with a 24-piece orchestra), with a host of talented musicians joining Beam: Tyler Chester, Sebastian Steinberg, David Garza, Griffin Goldsmith, Beth Goodfellow, Kyle Crane, and Paul Cartwright. And, Fiona Apple joined Beam on vocals for the duet "All In Good Time."


  • 1 You Never Know
  • 2 Anyone's Game
  • 3 All in Good Time
  • 4 Cutting It Close
  • 5 Taken By Surprise
  • 6 Yellow Jacket
  • 7 Sweet Talk
  • 8 Tears That Don't Matter
  • 9 Bag of Cats
  • 10 Angels Go Home
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