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Idles - Tangk - Translucent Orange Vinyl

Idles - Tangk - Translucent Orange Vinyl

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2024 release. TANGK is, at it's core, a love album. Open to anyone who requires something to shout out loud in order to fend off any encroaching sense of the void, now or forever. TANGK is a bona fide pop record in a way we've never heard from Idles before, that is, something for everyone to pass around and share, communal anthems intended for overcoming our grievances. The word - pronounced "tank" with a whiff of the "g" - began as an onomatopoeic reference in-studio for the sound of a guitar tone, but has grown into a sigil for living in love. Joe sings on TANGK in a way we've never heard before, completing his transformation from post-punk firebrand into soul singing evangelist. TANGK was co-produced by Nigel Godrich, Kenny Beats, and Idles guitarist Mark Bowen.

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