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Carla Morrison - Dejenme Llorar - Vinyl

Carla Morrison - Dejenme Llorar - Vinyl

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What Carla Morrison wants today is to be happy, and for her listeners to find happiness for themselves, too.

Welcoming a long-standing love of R&B and pop into the mix-styles she used to shut out for fear of alienating fans-was a boon to the process. "I wanted to put more rhythm, more sassiness, in the music," she says, adding that a universal appeal was also a goal. With her newfound sharpness of self comes an acceptance that perfection isn't possible, but unabashedly being yourself is the closest thing to it. Standing in that knowledge, nobody can shake Carla Morrison's self-confidence now.

  • 1 "Apagué Mi Mente
  • 2 Me Encanta
  • 3 No Quise Mirar
  • 4 Duele
  • 5 Maleza
  • 6 Eres TÚ
  • 7 Tu Orgullo
  • 8 Olvidé
  • 9 Hasta la Piel
  • 10 Disfruto
  • 11 Déjenme Llorar
  • 12 Sin Despedir
  • 13 Tu Manera de Querer
  • 14 Me Puede/ Falta de Respeto"
  • 15 
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